The Innovative New Tablet Application For Managing In-Home Care

Designed By Caregivers

KLARISSA™ is focused on client care, and who knows better than the in-home caregivers themselves? The application is designed specifically for caregivers, lowering the burden of paperwork and empowering them to give high quality care.

Innovative UX

The user interface is intuitive and easy-to-use. Lengthy training of caregivers to use the application is not necessary, and it will have a familiar feel to anyone who uses a smartphone or a tablet.

Latest Technology

We use cloud based technology to quickly access all data needed for the caregiver on a daily basis. This will give data based insights that lead to opportunities in creating efficiencies and innovation.

Our Inspiration

Klarissa is inspired and named after the late Gloria Nascenzi's favorite caretaker who not only helped care for her health but also brought her motivation, joy, and purpose on a daily basis. We understand caregiving is more than paperwork and we believe simplifying the details of in-home care can help caretakers do what they do best.
In-Home Caretaker

Our Team

Happier, Healthier Lives With KLARISSA™